Going Outside of My Comfort Zone


Hey Everybody! How are we feeling today?! This is an extra special post for me so even though it’s a long one, hang in there with me!

I absolutely love the owner and what her boutique stands for, just read for yourself! “UnitedFront is the contemporary dress boutique for the socially active woman that’s going places and wants to look her best when she gets there… The dresses the girl on the go adorns her silhouette with should empower her and be worthy of being worn. Her dress often says what she thinks before her voice is ever heard and conveys her strength and individuality.”

Just reading the mission statement alone just makes you want to shop with them right?!

Some Background

As always, I’m going to honest with you guys, this outfit is completely out of my comfort zone… and I. Love. It! This look (denim dress, earrings, and bag) is from UnitedFront, make sure to check them out, you will definitely find yourself buying one two… okay let’s be real multiple items that you will want to add to your closet!

Today’s post is a little longer than usual because I wanted to dig a little deeper and remind you all of the importance of staying true to yourself, and stepping outside of your comfort zone.

Growing up my Mom always encouraged me to express my creativity, and for me that was through fashion. She would say, “What are you scared of? Don’t be scared, you look beautiful, you are beautiful.” She was always right of course but for so long I felt like because of my size I couldn’t and I shouldn’t wear certain things.

Subconsciously I knew I wouldn’t look bad, I just cared about what people would say. What a silly reason right?! Who cares what people think! Who cares what people say! You do what makes you happy, you wear what makes you happy and comfortable!

I remember when my whole perspective changed… It wasn’t until middle school during spirit week, a week I will never forget. This particular day during spirit week had the theme of the 80’s and of course leg warmers, tights, headbands, and anything I could get my hands on that was neon colored, was on my list!

I got dressed, got in the car with my Mom and headed to school. Once we got to the “drop off zone” at my school, I froze because in that moment I didn’t feel comfortable, I wanted to go back home and change.

I don’t remember my Mom’s exact words, but I do remember how she made me feel, she encouraged me to walk with my head high and work my outfit! That is exactly what I did, and guess what?! Everyone loved my outfit…The outfit that was completely out of my comfort zone!

The moral of this story is whatever you do, go with your heart, don’t allow people and their opinions to hold you back. Your only limit is yourself, wear what you want, dress how you want, live how you want. Life is too short to care about anything and anyone who is not helping you or making you happy!

The Outfit

I always see these beautiful dresses on smaller women, but I still decided to put it on my curvy body, I added a belt to define my small waist, brought out my curves and rocked it!

Now, let’s get into the details! I am wearing a size 2x and I would say it runs true to size! I am very happy to say that this dress IS big arm friendly, YAY, and it has two pockets! How amazing is that?! Love this dress, and it is definitely one of my new faves, so comfy and so chic!

These beautiful hoop earrings and this trendy basket bag are the perfect accessories for summer! Often it’s not about the clothes you are wearing, but how you wear them, meaning what you choose to accessorize your clothes with generally makes or breaks the look!

The hoop earrings can and will take a basic white tee and jeans to a whole new level, while this beautiful trendy white bag adds “vacay vibes” to any pair of shorts, a romper or even a beautiful maxi dress!

All three pieces are definitely must-have essentials to get your closet ready for the summer! So, how will you style these pieces?

Thank you for joining me today, I really appreciate your love and support, make sure to check out UnitedFront and until next time,

Bye Beautiful!

xo, Eri

3 thoughts on “Going Outside of My Comfort Zone

  1. Liv Sampson says:

    I am loving this blog post. I can definitely relate to trying outfits out of my comfort zone because of my size, and being scared of other people’s thoughts & opinions. This outfit is SOO beautiful!!! This outfit fits you so well, Eri!!! 💖💖

    Liked by 1 person

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