A Fresh Start

My very first blog post on my new site!!! I must say I’m feeling a whirlwind of emotions, but at least they are all positive ones!

This is a new start… a fresh start and honestly it’s long overdue and needed!

I learned so much from creating my last site, and although it was short lived, it taught me so many lessons.

Although I liked the way my previous blog looked, I didn’t enjoy the way it functioned. It just didn’t work for me. The key to success (for me at least) is not looking good, but actually being good.

So fast forward to the present day, here I am starting over, and that’s okay, no ones perfect, nothing’s perfect. We live and we learn and that’s the beauty of life!

So cheers to the new blog! I love it so much already, just working on the look now! Thank you so much for staying patient with me! I appreciate you all so much!


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